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Tibet Train

Tibet Train

Train is a hotter choice for most domestic and foreign travelers planning a Tibet tour compared with plane. You can easily understand its merits from below tips:
1. Train basks in the abundant typical views of Chinese northwest region and west highland. Train takes from 20 hours to 40 hours to bring you go through the magnificent sight views of extensive northwest and west areas of great China while plane needs only a few hours to let you skip to Lhasa with little time and chance to appreciate the beautiful scenery fully. Riding a train from a bustling inland city to the vast expanse of Chinese west region is itself an amazing journey.
2. Train is cheaper than flight. Tours to Tibet usually take up more budget due to its long line journey, higher cost and relatively meager resources, the space allowing lower budget on transportation by train thus would be a thing worthy traveler’s favor.
3. Train allows a more gentle way for travels to Tibet, which could be understood as trains climb from the starting plain to the Qinghai-Tibet highland in a relatively slow pace, less possibility to be hit by altitude sickness.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway undertakes the largest foreign tourist volume from inland to Tibet highland at present. Hailed as a wonder of human wisdom, it has firstly built a great connection between Lhasa and inland and has opened a great travel channel covering many beautiful cities from northwest China to the west highland Lhasa, for the travelers holding interest and passion for the holy land.
1. It starts from Xining of Qinghai Province and ends at the Lhasa of Tibet Region, having 45 train stations, containing lots of attraction sites along its track for 1142 kilometers. More than three fourth rails of Tibet Railway maintain the altitude more than 4000 kilometers and 550 kilometers’ frozen earth.
2. The direct trains heading to Lhasa at present take their starting stops from Xining, Beijing, Chengdu, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Lanzhou. And cities, such as Xian, Lanzhou, Xining and Chengdu are the hot stops they pass by.
3. The popularity of Tibet Train Tours and for the connection of inland and Tibet leads to enormous demand for the train tickets. It is difficult, especially in the July to October, for the individual customers to buy a hard seat ticket, let alone a hard and even soft sleeper. However, travel agency would be an easier channel to get tickets for the travelers as they pay special attention and effort on the tickets booking.